Special Issue in "Theoretical and Applied Genetics" | H Buerstmayr, M F Dreccer, D Miladinović, L Qiu, I Rajcan, J Reif, R K. Varshney & J Vollmann (editors): Plant breeding for increased sustainability: challenges, opportunities and progress.

Humanity is facing enormous challenges in the years to come: sustainability of agriculture and sustainability of our supply with food, feed and renewable materials are neither granted nor free. Especially, but not only, in the Global South, a sustainable increase in agricultural productivity and a steady reduction of avoidable losses are undoubtedly key issues that need to be addressed.

The highly esteemed journal Theoretical and Applied Genetics has therefore initiated a Topical Issue entiteled: Plant Breeding towards Agricultural Sustainability. It provides insights and ideas to the readers on how to address issues and challenges of sustainable agriculture from a crop improvement standpoint and to capitalize on plant breeding as means to accomplish such goals.