CIOSTA & CIGR Section V Conference 2011

Efficient and safe production processes in sustainable agriculture and forestry 

29 June - 1 July 2011, Vienna


Introduction-Presentation Key-Speaker Presentations The role of human factor in ensuring the efficient production processes in sustainable
Role of human labour in relation to efficiency and effectiveness, with particular regard to
small-scale farms
1. LABOUR, ERGONOMICS, SAFETY, HEALTH Safety in the use of portable olive harvesters Work Time Measurement by a Real-Time Location System – Accuracy of the
Positioning in a Farrowing Barn
Hand Forces Measured During Vine Shoot Cutting Safety of Tractor PTO Drive Shafts: Survey on Maintenance on a Sample of Farms in
Central Italy
Anthropometric Compatibility of Driver's Post on Agricultural Tractor Cabs:
a Survey on Medium-High Power Tractors
Analyzing the manual handling risk in the vine growing and wine production sectors Determination of labour input on Bavarian dairy farms with four different
organisation forms
The manual handling risk in the forestry workers A Safety Assessment of the Agricultural Sector in Turkey An environmental life cycle assessment of agricultural in-field traffic practices Screening of working environment in riding and trotting schools Frequent Accident Scenarios with Vehicles, Machinery and Devices for
Agricultural and Forestry Operations in Bavarian Agriculture
Standardisation - one way for better protection of operators against pesticides The potential of quarter individual milking to reduce the work load Noise Level of Two Types of Tractor and Health Effect on Drivers Fumonisins incidence in Maize Stored in Family Farms Cribs in the Central Region
of the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil
Data for Analysis of Accidents with Machinery and Devices in Agriculture Perceived stress and measured forces in vineyard pruning Evaluation of the safety volume to protect the driver during the rollover of
small agricultural vehicles
Fitness for use of ISOBUS network in safety critical functions Work analysis methods comparing working methods and the total agricultural system Working time requirement for the management of semi-natural habitats Reduction of the labour input by a livestock tracking system on alpine farms with young
Physical work load during driving agricultural vehicles Developing Bill of Materials (BOM) for agricultural products to increase productivity Bird or manager – Who is liable on dust and ammonia in layers stables? An Historical Perspective of Operator Lifts Used on Self Propelled
Agricultural Equipment
2. SYSTEM ENGINEERING, MANAGEMENT, TRACEABILITY A ‘Living Lab’ research project for farm relief workers Algorithms to interpret the continuous measurement of slurry level in storage tanks A farm configuration system for planning and monitoring farm activities Development and Laboratory Evaluation of a Roller Mechanism for Sugar Cane
Residue Harvesting
3. FIELD OPERATIONS Field traffic planning for reduced soil compaction Machinery efficiency effects in the energy performance of an orange
production system
An Examination of the Field Level Operations for Sugarcane in the Punjab State
of India: How do these Bang upon Farming Systems?
Study on a crawler type vehicle for operating in deep water paddy rice field
planted with water dropwort
Harvesting residual corn stover for animal bedding Path planning for unloading task of autonomous head-feeding combine Copper and Zinc in Drainage Water and Soil from Swine Wastewater applied to
Oilseed Radish Crop
First results on the use of an innovative machine for soil tillage in terraces or
steep sloped areas
Clearing and valuing natural woody crops with a bio-baler Operational performance of auto-section spraying technologies Practical Experiences in the Use of Spreaders with Trailing Hoses Collected
by Survey
Fuel consumption, CO2-emission and energy efficiency in soil tillage
systems in Austria
4. LIVESTOCK MANAGEMENT Emissions from animal husbandry in Austria: assessment and reporting Particulate Matter in a Fattening Pig House in Beijing, China: First Indoor and Outdoor
5. PROCESSING, POST-HARVEST TECHNOLOGY, LOGISTICS Mathematical modelling of oxygen and carbon dioxide concentration profiles in the
interstitial atmosphere of silo-bags
Separation whole raisin berries by physical and aerodynamic properties Reconditioning of overly dried soybeans with aeration New concepts for grain logistic- organizational chains from the field to
the agricultural trade
Hermetic maize storage systems for subsistence farmers Lean and green approach for improving sustainability and economic performance
of vegetable supply chain
Automated Detection of Mechanically Induced Bruise Are as in
GoldenDelicious Apples Using Fluorescence Imagery
Drying popcorn with a natural air/low temperature in-bin drying system Modeling Key Logistics Processes in Agri-food Supply Chain Work economical analysis of the harvest of miscanthus Analysis of citrus peel for non-destructive determination of fruit composition
by reflectance VIS/NIR spectroscopy
Comparison of five measurement methods to determine the density of grass silage Exergy and Energy Investigation of Microwave Assisted Thin-Layer Drying of
Pomegranate Arils Using Artificial Neural Networks and Response
Surface Methodology
Drying of jujube fruit: comparison of prediction from mathematical models and
artificial neural network
Non-destructive estimation of relative contents of chicken egg by machine vision and
neural network techniques
Sorting orange fruit by using machine vision and neural networks techniques Effect of osmotic dehydration as a pre-treatment in hot air drying of Agaricusbisporus on the quality of dried mushroom Summary of Over 800 Grain Storage and Handling-related Entrapments and
Suffocations Documented in the U.S. and Canada between 1970 and 2010
Quality on bean seeds under different storage conditions A New Approach for Modeling of Hot Air-microwave Thin Layer Drying of Soybean Kinetics of apricot thin layer drying in a mixed and indirect mode solar dryer 6. RENEWABLE ENERGY AND EFFICIENCY Air heated solar collector usage for room heating Comparison of Ethanol Fuel Productivity of Some Selected Varieties
of Tropical Crops
Innovative agronomic solutions to rescue marginal soil and to produce sustainable
Potential for biomass energy production in Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy) The energy potential of the Albian water. Study of the exploitable potential
of Algerian drillings
Leveraging Renewable Small-Plot Pumping Energy with Drip Irrigation Comparison of useful surface of different type of solar collectors Strategies to improve methane yields on agrarian fields Impact of new agriculture technologies for sugarcane production on the emissions
of Greenhouse Gases
Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Options through Strengthening Forest
Management in Bangladesh
Thermodynamic analysis of a 10 kwp grid connected photovoltaic array system The analysis of logging residues chain for a sustainable bioenergy production:
a case study in Northern Italy
Compacting of herbaceous biomass particles for solid biofuel Emission Behaviour of New Tractors with Different Vegetable Oils Implementation of Material Flow Management in Akdeniz University (Turkey) System Establishment of ATPS for One-Step Purification of Glutamate
Decarboxylase from E. coli after Cell Disruption
7. INFORMATION SYSTEMS, PRECISION FARMING An optimal decision support tool for the split process in waxflowers A Modular Sensor Fusion Approach for Agricultural Machines Use of biospecke laser to evaluate water behavior at Coffee leaves Evaluation of Seeds Trajectories in a Pneumatic Dosage System Development and first tests of a system for the automatic identification of operating
machines based on RF technology
Optical device evaluation for early diagnosis in vineyard Condition Monitoring of Mechanical Subsystems of Agricultural Vehicles
Based on Fusion of Vibration Features
Development of a Computer Controlled System for the Evaluation of the Milking
Machine Pulsator and Liner
Design and Construction of a new Sensor for Measuring Soil Apparent Electrical
An economic analysis of the precision fertilization 8. OPEN TOPICS Environmental design for sustainable development and managment with the use of
modern digital methods in forest areas
Micro Irrigation Design Software to Evaluate Technical and
Economical Aspects of MIS
SALVERE – Semi natural grassland as a source of biodiversity improvement
– a Central Europe Project
Proposing Growing Guideline Using Methane Fermentation Digested Sludge
as a Liquid Fertilizer for Rice Production
Optimization of Environmental Factors in Plant Factory Rice Straw Fibres of Central and South America Struvite precipitation from anaerobic co-digestion residues of poultry
manure and maize silage
Final Presentation Presentation of the new meeting place in Denmark