The Three or Four Most Important IT-Services

for new BOKU students


During your study, BOKUonline will be your constant companion. This ranges from creating your account on Day One all the way to handing in your thesis at the end. In between you will register for numerous courses and exams using BOKUonline. It will also lead you to your lectures and show your exam results.

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

From March 2024, you will need an additional factor to log in to many important BOKU-IT services (e.g. BOKUonline, BOKUlearn) in addition to your login name and password.
Please read the relevant information carefully and set up additional factors using the following step-by-step instructions:

E-Mail System for BOKU Students

Yes, of course - you have your own email account at BOKU. Your email address ends with Be aware of the fact that you will receive all your official messages at this email address - and do not miss these. To ensure you do not, use the mailing system for students or set up a forwarding via BOKUonline.

BOKUlearn (also known as "Moodle")

Some (not all!) instructors use this e-learning platform in order to provide you with course material, texts, pictures, videos, forums, tests, online submission for homework tasks, etc.
To be enrolled in a BOKUlearn course, please register for the course in BOKUonline and overnight you will be automatically enrolled in the corresponding BOKUlearn course.

Video Tutorials

PC Rooms, Wifi, Printing

You can access these essential services using your own computer and BOKU WLAN (Wifi, eduroam) or you can simply use the public PC rooms.

Equipment is, of course, also provided for you to print your texts and scan lecture notes.

Storage space

You have 20 GB of space on your home folder, which you can conveniently access in the PC rooms as drive M: and from anywhere else via a web browser:

Regardless, you have another 20GB of space on BOKUdrive:

Video conferencing with Zoom

Guide to BOKU buildings and lecture halls

BOKU Navi - Guide to BOKU buildings and lecture halls

Further IT services

Who Do I Turn To?

  • For questions related to your entire university period, such as registration, tuition fees, etc., please turn to the Study Services:
  • The valid period of your BOKU account is automatically linked with your valid registration for the continuation of your studies.
  • For questions related to specific lectures, registration, and deregistration from courses, exam dates, for grading etc., please turn to the respective institute, that is the respective institute secretary or the teacher.
  • For questions related to your account, the mailing system for students, technical questions related to BOKUonline etc., please turn to the BOKU-IT Hotline: