• Wastecooking - Make food, not waste from Mischief Films
    David Groß travels through Austria, Belgium, the Nederlands, Germany and France to find food waste which still can be used to prepare healthy food. Together with activists, cooks, researchers and affected people the topic of food waste is tracked and discussed in a different way. Felicitas Schneider from ABF-BOKU participated as food waste expert from Austria.

    In the course of the Deauville Green Awards 2015, the servies was awarded in the category "Responsible consumption and Eco labels" with the Documentary Silver Award! The TV series was broadcasted e.g. by arte and ORF in fall 2015.

  • Food Savers from Valentin Thurn
    A new documentary film made by the director of "Taste the Waste", Valentin Thurn, will be released on Monday, May 13th 2013, at ARD channel at 10:45 p.m. Although the film will be in German, the trailer is also available in english now. The film gives information about people and companies throughout Europe who take the food waste challenge. Enjoy!

  • TV documentary film and cinema movie "Taste The Waste"
    The film directed by Valentin Thurn issues the topic "wastage of food" along the food supply chain. International experts explain the causes and interactions as well as option for prevention of food waste.

    Felicitas Schneider from ABF-BOKU exemplifies some results of our studies with respect to food waste prevention on household level.

    The international version for TV (duration: 55 minutes) was released in autumn 2010 e.g. in following countries: Netherlands (BOS), Sweden (SVT), Ireland (TG4), Spain (TV3), Lithuania (LVT), Finnland (YLE), Switzerland (TSR), Norway (NRK), Cyprus (CYBC), Greece (ERT) and South Korea (CREO)

    In Germany 120,000 people watched the movie from the cinema release in September 2011 until May 2012. Thus, the movie is the most successful dokumentary movie of saison 2011/2012. In Austria more than 25,000 people joined the movie since cinema release in November 2011.

    Since now the dokumentary movie was introduced at more than 40 film festivals worldwide and was awarded with 12 prizes. One of the awards is the Umwelt-Medienpreis der Deutschen Umwelthilfe (environmental media award of German Umwelthilfe).

    In autumn 2012 the movie was also released in Switzerland.

    The movie can be purchased as DVD respectively Blue-Ray!

    More information is available here: (also in english)

    In 2013 the movie started also in Japan, here some information from Japanese newspaper!