Sustainable food systems were a central topic in this years Klimaherbst in Munich. Stefanie Lemke held a key note about gender equity and participation in sustainable food systems.

The annual Klimaherbst in Munich organized by the organization Klimaherbst and the Nord-Süd-Forum Munich was all about food.  Questions such as

  • What interactions are there between agriculture, climate change and global justice?
  • How come our current food system ich characterized by deficiencies on the one hand and affluence on the other?
  • How can we achieve food justice?


As a kick-off to the two-day event, Stefanie Lemke held a keynote speech about gender equity and participation for sustainable food systems.

Subsequently there was a discussion with representatives from Fian Germany, the Munich Food Council and MISEREOR on how a fair global food system can be achieved.


The speeches and discussion were recorded and can be seen here:


Photo Credits: Nord Südforum München e.V.