It is important not to limit accessibility to a structural one within the academic environment. Accessibility at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences means offering all members of BOKU barrier-free access to buildings, media, research, education and, above all, people.

Accessibility of the (Main) Locations Using Public Transportation

Using public transportation, a bike or walking to reach BOKU helps promote climate friendly mobility habits of BOKU members. We are pleased that you contribute towards climate protection! Thank you!

Location Türkenschanze (Gregor-Mendel-Strasse 33, 1190 Vienna):
Bus lines 10A, 37A, 40A
S-Bahn 45A, stop Krottenbachstrasse, 10 minutes walk

Location Muthgasse (Muthgasse 18, 1190 Vienna):
Subway: U4, stop Heiligenstadt, 5 minutes walk
Bus lines 11A, 39A

Location Tulln (Konrad Lorenz Strasse 20, 3430 Tulln a. d. Donau)
Train line S40 to Tulln, approx. 15 minutes walk from the train station Tulln


Reasonable accomodation and a list of hotels with discount rates for BOKU staff and guests

Affiliation Policy
Arbitration board

We have an arbitration board at our university with the following responsibilities.

Appraisal Interviews

The appraisal interview complements daily communication and provides a framework to discuss strategic questions. It offers staff members and their managers an opportunity to define the employee's own career goals, cooperation and objectives and tasks for the coming period. The interview is conducted annually. It helps design and promote the development of the institute, department or facility as well as BOKU at large.

Basic Didactics Certificate

Well-founded didactic competencies are an essential aspect of high-quality university teaching. With the "Basic Didactics Certificate" you will acquire valuable knowledge, skills and abilities to design your courses professionally and on the basis of didactic principles.

Business Card in BOKU Online

The business card in BOKU Online only contains basic information. You may complete your information by using the following link:

BOKU-IT Hotline

The BOKU-IT Hotline is available for you if you have specific problems that your IT manager or tutor was unable to help you solve.

BOKU Online - BOKU's Campus Management System

BOKUonline is BOKU's central system for the administration of its teaching activities (courses, room management, class schedules). Furthermore, other critical functions of IT services are available via BOKU online, such as account administration for students and staff members.

BOKU - The Magazine of the University of Life

"BOKU" is BOKU's magazine. It contains interesting articles obtained from research, teaching and service facilities and provides information on current developments at BOKU. "Alumni" - the magazine of the alumni band is part of the BOKU magazine and is dedicated to the topics of the BOKU graduates.

Certificate for the management of externally funded projects

With the certificate, researchers demonstrate knowledge and skills in all important areas of third-party funding management. This requires attendance of 10 seminars with a total duration of 30 hours.

Child Care

The "BOKU KINDERGARTEN" (Association of daycare facilities BOKU, managed by parents) operates two family groups and a nursery at the BOKU-Campus at Türkenschanze. The goal and purpose of the association is to take care of children of both students and employees at BOKU within the frame of the day to day business at the university.

Childcare at events

Collective Agreement

As of October 1, 2009 the collective agreement for employees of universities came into effect.

Commuters' Allowance, Commuters' Euro and Travelling Allowance

The application for the commuters' allowance has to be submitted at the Personnel Department. The form can be found on the webpage of the Federal Ministry of Finance. The entitlement for the commuters' Euro and traveling allowance stems from the commuters' allowance.

Compliance Guidelines

In the guideline ethically and legally correct behavior is discussed in more detail. Every new employee has to read the guideline as part of the training pass, this is mandatory.

Continuing Education Academy

Complementing classical university teaching, the BOKU offers continuing education programs geared towards communities and target markets connected to its thematic core areas, natural resources and life sciences.

Conventions and rules

There are a few documents whos content all employees of BOKU should be aware of:

Depending on your area of responsibility, other documents may be important for you. Please discuss with your executive, what these are.You can find a compilation of all BOKU guidelines and regulations in their current version at: document collection

Within the framework of the training passport, reading the above-mentioned documents is obligatory for new employees!


Corporate Design

To ensure that everything looks uniform, BOKU has created sample templates for letterheads, presentation slides, business cards, publications, posters, door signs and invitations. All sample templates as well as the instructions for the correct use of the BOKU logo and the colour specifications are currently described on the homepage of the Public Relations Department.


The integration of students and employees with disabilities or chronic/mental illnesses is an important concern for the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences. For this reason, the staff position for the support of people with special needs was established in 2010 in order to ensure equal access to all services and offers of BOKU for the target group and to reduce possible "barriers". This staff position was integrated into the former Coordination Unit for Equality and Gender Studies as of January 2021. In the course of this, the new Coordination Office for Equality, Diversity and Disability was established.


BOKU thrives on the diversity of its members and the plurality of its disciplines and fields of activity. As a place of diversity, BOKU wants to develop and create spaces in which everyone* can move and develop freely - regardless of their generation or age, their socio-economic background, their educational biography, their cultural and ethnic backgrounds of experience, their individual life and family plans, their gender identification and expression of gender, their individual views of themselves and the world, and regardless of mental and physical disabilities and accessibilities as well as their responsibilities concerning care and foster work.

Document Collection

The document collection offers a systematic overview of essential BOKU documents and supports when searching for documents. Content is constantly updated.


The department of e-learning and didactics is part of the department of "Lehrentwicklung" and is the central point of contact at BOKU for questions regarding didactics, technical implementation and multimedia-prepared teaching content.

BOKU learn - a university-wide web-based learning platform - combines the advantages of classroom and online teaching and offers instructors a variety of new possibilities: in addition to providing teaching content of all sorts (pdf scripts, multimedia content), instructors can also interact with students using various communication tools (such as discussion fora, chats, etc.) and enhance their participation thanks to numerous activities (such as self tests, tasks etc.).

Employee Representation

See Interest Groups or chapter "Work counsel"

Environmental Management

It is one of BOKU's special concerns as a responsible university to actively participate in the protection of the environment and help develop an organization that is sustainable. Thus, since 2005 we have been developing an environmental management system based on the European Ecological Audit Directive (EMAS-VO 761/2001).

The European Ecological Audit Directive (EMAS-VO 761/2001) requires organizations to voluntarily contribute higher environmental protection than required by law. These organizations are regularly audited by government-certified environmental auditors and disclose their environmental statement.

Information on which objectives and measures have been realized by BOKU so far can be found at (only in German available).

Equal Opportunities Working Party

The objectives of the Equal Opportunities Working Party include counseling and support of members and organizations on equal treatment and women empowerment.

BOKU members can approach the members of the Equal Opportunities Working Party in all issues related to equal treatment, discrimination, women empowerment, sexual harassment or bullying respectively.


In our work to promote gender equality we strive to ensure equal opportunities for all BOKU members in all areas of the university. We also achieve structural preconditions for equal access and promotion prospects for all genders. With the gender equality plan anchored in the statutes, BOKU is committed to promoting equal opportunities for all BOKU members and to creating interaction in an appreciative and resource-oriented manner.


At BOKU, three committees deal with the topic of ethics: the Ethics Committee, the Ethics Platform and the Animal-welfare body.

Overview of the committees and the responsibilities

In a broad bottom-up process, the Ethics Charter was developed, which lays the foundation for acting responsibly at BOKU. It aims to generate awareness within BOKU and to communicate – internally and externally – that BOKU and its members attach great importance to acting in an ethically considerate manner.


Event management provides you with advice and accompanying support for the organization and realization of events.

Since May 2014 BOKU is a certifier for Green Meetings and Green Events. The event management supports you in designing your event in an ecologically friendly and socially acceptable way.

Event Calendar

The current events are displayed on the the BOKU homepage. You have the possibility to enter events into the calendar. You can write the entries yourself via BOKUonline or the Form for Event entry.

External Funding

Support in acquiring third-party funding is available from the Research Support, Innovation & Technology Transfer.

Facebook, Twitter und CO

The BOKU is represented in the following social media:

Facility Management Portal (FM-Helpdesk)

Der FM-helpdesk of BOKU's Facility Services is your gateway for a variety of services such as:
repair work, keys, access, cleaning, telephone system, copy cards, etc.



Mensa - Cafe, Gregor-Mendel-House
Various hot and cold dishes
Gregor-Mendel-Strasse 33, 1180 Vienna

Mensa in the TÜWI-Building
Daily specials
Peter-Jordan-Straße 76

Cafeteria Muthgasse
Daily specials, salad bar
Muthgasse 18, 1190 Vienna

Menus of the above mentioned locations

Tüwi: Daily specials (approx. from 12 pm onwards - food is organic and vegetarian /vegan)
Farm Shop: local supply providing organic, regional and fair trade products (bread, vegetables, coffee, corn, snacks, etc.)
Peter-Jordan-Strasse 76, 1190 Vienna


The flexible working hours allow the employees to flexibly arrange their working hours and allow for a better work-life-balance.


Forms of the Personnel Department (vacation, compensatory time-off, etc.)

Further Education and Training

Further Education and Training courses for employees are offered in the BOKU Training Passport. You can find the individual courses ranked according to different focal points in the IT application BOKU online/BOKU Training Passport.


BOKU graduates are offered networking opportunities through the Alumni Association. This association offers job placement, application consultation and seminars which will help prepare you for your career. It also organizes alumni meetings and much more. A quarterly magazine provides all the latest news on BOKU and its graduates.

Healthy BOKU - "Gesunde BOKU"- Occupational Health Management

BOKU actively promotes a healthy working environment.

House regulation

The house regulation applies to all employees of the BOKU and regulates the use and management of facilities (access, key management, dogs, etc.). As part of the training passport this document is mandatory reading for all new employees.

IT Hotline

The  BOKU-IT Hotline is available for you if you have specific problems that your IT manager or tutor was unable to help you solve.

IT Services

On the IT Service's main page you can find a quick start guide for IT services ("First Steps") as well as an extensive index on all services offered by BOKU IT Services.

Job Postings - Internal Job Exchange

BOKU employees have the opportunity to apply internally for another position.

Job Safety - Occupational Medicine

Information on the topics employment protection, occupational medicine, fire protection, fire safety engineers, first aiders and safety engineering can be found on the webside of  Staff Unit Employee Protection & Health. The document General safety instructions describes the most important aspects of health and safety in the workplace. They contain information about the duties as an employee, ergonomic aspects of the (computer) workplace, deal with accidents, etc.  As part of the training pass, the General safety instructions are mandatory to read!

Leadership principles

Important values and standards for managing staff are written down in the Guidelines for Staff Management. The guidelines are binding on all levels of leadership.

Library / Books

BOKU's University Library consists of a main library, specialized libraries for Food Science and Biotechnology, Economics, Law and Social Sciences (SOWIRE), Forest - Nature - Engineering, Landscape Design as well as specialized libraries at BOKU's institutes and facilities. All relevant information on the use of the library (literature research, new acquisitions, etc.) as well as various services (guided tours, trainings) can be found on the library's homepage.

Mailing lists

At the BOKU there are a number of mailing lists to which you are automatically assigned (e.g.: all members of an organizational unit).
Assignment to the building info mailing list is usually not automatic. If you would like to receive important information about the building, such as a necessary power cut, etc. you can register yourself with the mailing list: Please write an email to sympa(at) with the subject subscribe gebaeudeinfo-Abbreviation of your working building.

List of abbreviations of your working building

Newsletter - "Mitteilungsblatt"

The newsletter is an official publication of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences.

On- and Offboarding of employees

BOKU has guidelines and checklists for the introduction of new employees and for the separation process when employees leave. In addition to the further development and training of staff, onboarding and offboarding according to the Employee Life Cycle are also presented:
Guides and checklists (currently only available in German).

Orientation and maps

BOKU is spread over several locations. Orientation gives there:

Site plans

BOKU Navi: the digital guidance system of BOKU, an interactive map of all BOKU locations and buildings.

Pay Statement

Your pay statement can be found at BOKUonline.

Pension Fund

Within the scope of the company pension scheme, the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences has concluded a company pension contract with Valida Pension AG.

Detailed Information about the pension contract

People with special needs

The integration of students and employees with special needs is an important concern for BOKU. The staff unit for the care of people with special needs takes care of ensuring equal access to all services and offers at BOKU for the target group and to remove possible "barriers".

Personnel Development

BOKU's Personnel Development supports the further development of professional, methodological and social competencies of BOKU employees, so that they can better meet the requirements of the workplace as well as organizational needs.


Everything you need to know about operating (call forwarding, three-way conference, last number storage, etc.) and procurement of our telephones and some more info.


BOKU t-shirts, fleece jackets, bags, key chains, USB sticks and much more can be purchased at the BOKU Shop in the Peter-Jordan-Strasse 70, ground floor (Mrs. Oberleithner) or online via FM Portal.
BOKU Shop's products are currently revised to offer a selection that is based on strict sustainability criteria.


Information and help about initiation of projects, project reporting and contract review can be found on the webside of the  Department of Research Support, Innovation & Technology Transfer.

As part of personnel development a number of training courses are offered by the Department of Research Support, Innovation & Technology Transfer. The courses vary from semester to semester.

Public Relations and Media Information

This unit offers support in matters of communication, especially in media relations and creates with you the relevant materials for your public relations (press releases, articles, info-sheets); BOKU news can be found on the BOKU website as Top Stories, on BOKU screens and in social media (Facebook, Instagram and CO).

Quality Management

BOKU has its own quality management system which is based on international standards such as ENQA and DEGEval. The objective is to build a quality culture that encompasses all university-related sections.

Rental of Notebooks

If you are a BOKU member and you need a notebook for a few days, it is no problem:
Notebook rental


The Department of Research Support, Innovation & Technology Transfer is the first contact point for questions related to research. It offers counseling (project support) on national, European and international support programs for researchers as well as tools and templates for project submittals, and other services. Furthermore, it provides support for designing and editing contracts, is responsible for BOKU's Research Information System (FIS - Forschungsportal) and provides financial figures for institutional and personnel evaluation.

Research Information System (FIS - Forschungsportal)

FIS is a database which lists the research performance status of BOKU's researchers as follows:

  • Which topics are researched at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences?
  • Who is involved in the research and which research methods are selected?
  • Which funding bodies support which project?
  • Where are the research results published?
Room Administration
Stays Abroad

The BOKU-International Relations offers numerous contacts and information on scholarships and public funding for short-term stays abroad both for scientific and administrative staff members (and of course, students).

Please note the following checklists (emergency plan).

Support for people with special needs (Disability Officer)

Ruth Scheiber-Herzog is responsible for the areas of disability, barrier-free BOKU and diversity in her function as Disability Officer at BOKU.

Sustainability at BOKU

Sustainability has a special significance at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in research, teaching and environmental management. This significance was further expanded with the sustainability strategy. In this way, BOKU wants to make a stronger contribution to securing the quality of life and the basis of life for current and future generations in the face of the Grand Challenges.

You can find more information on the sustainability website.

Teaching at BOKU

The study services department supports and co-ordinates the teaching area, such as timetable coordination, teaching assignments and compensation. The teaching development department ("Lehrentwicklung") supports didactics and e-learning.

Third-Party Funds

The service unit Research Support, Innovation & Technology Transfer supports you in the acquisition of third-party funds.


The online tool TimeTac is used for vacation management.


Top-Sek is a BOKU-wide, cross-organizational platform for better networking of secretariats. New members (administrative staff) are always welcome.

Training passport

The BOKU Training Passport supports staff members at the beginning of their working relationship by providing tailored information. Later on, the BOKU Training Passport provides further education and training qualification at the workplace. It allows a quick orientation and function-related specialization for one's field(s) of work here at BOKU! By attending relevant further education and training courses, your competences increase and support the process of lifelong learning for your professional life here at BOKU. The BOKU Training Passport is available online and portrays the further education and training activities of staff members. It consists of several steps with the first three being mandatory for all new staff members at BOKU.

Traveling on University Business

Traveling for business is defined as a member of staff undertaking a trip in order to execute an official duty, which means that the journey was explicitly requested.

Useful information related to traveling on university business

Please note that air travel releases a disproportionate amount of CO2 emissions. Many cities in Europe can easily be reached by (night) train and save a lot of CO2 emissions compared to traveling by plane or car. If flying is unavoidable, BOKU offers its own CO2 Compensation System.


U:book enables BOKU members to purchase cost efficient high quality business notebooks twice a year (up to 30 % below comparable prices online).

University Management

According to §20 of the University Act, the top corporate bodies of a university are the University Council, the Rectorate, the Rector and the Senate.



University Council


In general, an annual limit of 25 working days applies. Further information on vacation, expiry of vacation, illness during vacation and special leave is available at Personnel Management.

Vehicle Pool

For all BOKU employees it is possible to borrow vehicles at favorable conditions (for private use only from Fri. 16.00 to Mon. 09.00), which are managed by the Facility Management. All info can be found at Facility Management Portal (to be found under "Requirements").

Welcome lecture

In the welcome lecture new employees receive information about the BOKU: historical, competences, organizational plan, legal ...

Work Council

There is a work council for scientific staff as well as for general staff at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna.

Staff council - non-scientific staff (BR-ALLG)

Staff council - scientific staff (BR-wiss)

Working Time (non-scientific staff)

Flexitime arrangements apply to non-scientific staff. It's their obligation to keep records of their working hours, this is regulated in the company agreement for flexitime.

Working Time (scientific staff)

For scientific staff special provisions according to §110 UG02 and §31 from the collective agreement for employees at universities have to be taken into consideration. According to the collective agreement for employees at universities, scientific staff has to keep record of their working time.