Attention: Please note that the following shown courses, are only those courses which are approved by the Vice-Rectorate for Education and offered by the respective department/institute for the current academic year.

Compulsory courses

Compulsory courses

P-1 General Basics

P-2 Basics in Natural Science

P-3 Basics in Socioeconomy

P-4 Agricultural Production

P-5a Practical Experience

P-5b Excursion

P-6 Excercises Compulsory Subjects

Major compulsory subjects

SP-P-1 Plant Production

SP-P-2 Animal Production

SP-P-3 Agricultural and Food Economy

SP-P-4 Fruit Growing and Horticulture

SP-P-5 Organic Farming

SP-P-6 Agrobiology

SP-P-7 Viticulture and Enology

Elective courses

W-1 General

W-2 Agricultural Engineering

W-3 Plant Production

W-4 Livestock Production

W-5 Agricultural Food Economy

W-6 Horticulture and Fruit Growing

W-7 Organic Farming

W-8 Agrobiology

W-9 Viticulture and Enology

Major compulsory subjects as elective courses